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The “Compensation & Reward” Department has always played a fundamental role in the definition of compensation packages aimed at providing incentives to employees. As several tax and social security regimes have changed, it was necessary to study the various types of personnel incentive instruments, in light of the in-force legislation, in order to allow companies to optimize the tax and social security burden. In this respect, Studio Tributario Associato deals with:


  • defining, implementing and reviewing share-based incentive plans (Stock options, Restricted stocks, Restricted stock units, Performance shares, etc.) for the employees based in Italy and the one assigned abroad
  • defining, implementing and reviewing incentive plans with cash settlement (stock appreciation rights, cash-based plans, etc.) for the employees
  • managing the relationships with the international network in order to support it in reviewing the global share plans, aimed at verifying their compliance with the Italian regulations
  • preparing all supporting documents
  • managing the information flows between the company and the employees
  • managing the tax compliance obligations on behalf of employees during all the participation phases to the incentive plan (plan subscription, acquisition and transfer of financial instruments)
  • implementation of the remuneration policies in the banking sector
  • consultancy on compensation schemes addressed to the top management
  • management of the relationships with the regulatory authorities (e.g. Consob, Banca d’Italia, etc.);



The complex market of extraordinary operations involves various entities, including the acquiring companies, banking institutions and target companies. In this context, the professionals of the Studio Tributario Associato carry out tax and social security due diligence activities during extraordinary operations (LBO, mergers, acquisitions) with specific focus on verifying the correctness of the various tax and social security obligations deriving from the management of the “Target” company. The consultancy activities consist in:


  • payroll due diligence
  • analysis and review of the company processes concerning the management of personnel




The professionals of the Studio Tributario Associato provide their support on the management of tax and social security aspects relating to the so-called innovative start-ups, verifying the compliance with the requirements envisaged by law in order to benefit from the tax incentives. In addition, they will assist the company on problems concerning the tax regime of the natural persons involved in the management and administration of the company during the start-up phase.


  • Verification of the legal form of the innovative start-up
  • Fulfilment of mandatory requirements
  • Fulfilment of alternative requirements
  • Compliance with the requirements for the social start-ups
  • Analysis of the tax allowances at the company level
  • Analysis of the tax allowances at the individual level
  • Management of the tax compliance obligations